Olive Ridge

Field Bred English Springer Spaniels for the hunting home.

Olive Ridge Training


I like to personally evaluate any dog before planning a training program that will help both the dog and the handler.  I've seen different training styles, but I've adopted what works best to develop the full potential of each individual pup.  I look for a strong desire to hunt, biddability, a focused mentality, and an even temperment.  I believe that with these traits in place,  training is much easier.  These basic building blocks are keys to the development of a nicely finished gun dog for rough shooting or trial situations.  This is the reason why good breeding is half the battle.

The foundations of my training philosophy comes from English methods which stress control and steadiness prior to being shot over or in a hunting situation.  Beyond that, I combine American and English methods.  Puppies are first worked in the woods on dummies and then rolled pigeons once they display yard steadiness.  During this time I will work on marked retrieves and memory blinds as well.  I then progress into directional casting, learning gun sense with memory blinds, and start some field trial work.  Each dog matures differently and learns at a different pace so I always stress to be consistent, patient, and calm.  Your dog will feed off of your actions more than you know or recognize.