Olive Ridge

Field Bred English Springer Spaniels for the hunting home.

AFC Olive Ridge Coraline (Cora) DOB 03/07/2012 Rosebay Sam x Raykar Blossom      Hips (Good)  Eyes (Clear)

Cora is an all around sweetheart.  She is a focused firecracker in the field and just a joy to have in the house.  Her multiple wins and placements in both United States and Canada proves she has what it takes to compete with some of the best dogs in North America.  She is a fast pace hard driving dog that stays in contact with you as a handler and covers her ground with proper use of the wind.  She has a beautiful flush, quarters and marks well, steady as a rock, takes hand signals and a line for a blind retrieve on both land and water.

Cora's Pedigree

AFC Longpond Pete (Pete) DOB 07/15/2005  Rosebay Sam x Longpond's Diamond Necklace     Hips (Good) Eyes (Clear)



Pete's multiple placements and wins in field trials and hunt tests proves that he can compete with some of the best dogs in our nation.  His biddably is amazing in the field.  As a pup, he took to hand signals immediately and was very easily handled at a distance.  He can take a 50 yard blind retrieve over water and land with ease.  He is a meticulous hunter checking every piece of cover at a good pace.  He quarters well and is also a high energy hunter.  He has a very soft mouth and retrieves like clockwork to hand.

Pete comes from a well blended breeding of English and American lines.  He pulls more of his style from his sire but also has the unending drive that I've seen on the Dam's side.  He descends from a very good Clarburgh Art / Craighaar Holly breeding that's produce Field Champions and Trial winners in the UK.

 Pete's Pedigree


Raykar Blossom (Sally) DOB 03/20/2007   UK FTCH Nant-Y-Bwla Ricky x FTW Raykar Raffle    Hips (Excellent) Eyes (Clear)

I brought Sally over from England Summer of 2007 along with her brother Raykar Brigand (Fergus).  Her Sire Nant-Y-Bwla Ricky is a very consistent, hard hunting spaniel who's sired many trial champions and winners in the UK.  I looked for his bloodline specifically for his strong tie to Badgercourt lines along with his consistency which I've watched in trials.  Some dogs are 1 hit wonders but he regularly performed well.  Sally's dam who has not hit the trial circuit as hard as Ricky is a trial winner who's bred very well and is a very nice bitch.

Sally's working ability is very high paced and high energy.  Out of the gate she naturally quartered and her desire for game is extremely strong.  She is quite a focused bitch that keeps in touch and hunts "with" you.  As she quarters and searches for game you can see her glancing back to keep an eye on you.  She retrieves to hand on both land and water and has a very soft mouth.  She is steady to wing and shot and a real pleasure to hunt with.


Sally's Pedigree